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Getting this quarry into perspective

Could this become the highest exposed quarry face in Queensland? You be the judge.

The Kin Kin whole quarry site

The excavation will be 180 metres (590 feet) high from the quarry floor to the top of the upper bench (top of tree-line)

  • It is more than half the height of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Uluru rises from 514 metres AHD at its base to 862 metres AHD at the top of the dome (348 metres).
  • It is 28 metres less than Mount Cooroora at Pomona. Mt Cooroora rises from 230 metres AHD at its base to 438 metres AHD (what you see is 208 metres high above the surrounding landscape).
  • It is only 8 metres less than Mount Coolum. Mt Coolum rises from 20 metres AHD at its base to 208 metres AHD at the top of the dome (188 metres).
  • It is the equivalent of a 53 storey building. In fact, at 180 metres it qualifies easily as skyscraper height (above 150 metres).
  • It is the same height as the Dartmouth Dam in Victoria - the highest dam wall in Australia.
  • It is 20 metres higher than Talbingo, the highest dam in the Snowy Mountains Scheme, at 160 metres .
  • It is 35 metres higher than the face of Mt Tinbeerwah near Tewantin - 145 metres (120 metres AHD at base to 265 metres AHD at top).
  • It is 46 metres higher than Sydney Harbour Bridge (134 metres above sea level).
  • It is 2.4 times higher (106 metres) than Brisbane's Storey Bridge (74 metres above ground level).
  • Boral quarry on Toolborough Rd Yandina-Coolum is about 100 metres high.
  • Parklands quarry at Nambour is about 80 metres high.
  • Mt Coot-tha quarry in Brisbane is 65 metres high.
  • What do engineers think? We would love to hear from anyone with qualifications who is confident that this Kin Kin quarry can be constructed safely and without causing an environmental catastrophe for the Noosa River valley. We need your reassurance because we believe Council engineers have not shown due diligence in allowing this approval to pass.

Here is a graph of the above. Quarry height graph

Here is the plan for the Neilsen quarry which Noosa Council approved in 2005. Do you think this is either acceptable or feasible? From 240 metres AHD at the top of the top bench, down to a base level of 60 metres AHD. The old quarry bench in the image above is at 100 metres AHD. Neilsens have already stripped the overburden from the rock below that bench, down to 60 metres AHD, in an apparent attempt to begin extraction from the bottom first. Their approved plans, however, require that they begin extraction at the top of the escarpment and rehabilitate each bench as it is completed, all the way down. Neilsens quarry plan 2005

But wait! There's more!

From the base of the planned quarry floor at 60 m AHD to the top of the top bench at 240 m AHD is only 170 metres horizontally! This means the quarry face (180 m high) is going to be higher than it is wide. In landslip parlance, this is over 100% slope (That is - greater than 45 degrees).

World's Best Practice? Hardly! Where are the engineering reports from Government which show this is even possible? We have asked for them, but none have been produced. Yet Government and Council claim to have approved this monster. On what scientific advice? We are more than happy to examine the evidence (if there is any) and accept it if it can be proven to be environmentally safe to construct in this way.