Admiral Sir Erasmus Gower (1742-1814)

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Elliot, Admiral John RN (1732–1808)

Biography in ODNB. Fourth son of Sir Gilbert Elliot, second baronet. Elliot was a close confidant to his protégé, Erasmus Gower, and Gower enjoyed a close association with the wider Elliot sphere of influence; Rutherfords, Murrays and Pasleys.

Fife, Captain Thomas RN (c.1778-?)

Put off HMS Cumberland on 27 May 1797 by mutineers. Joined Gower as volunteer midshipman in HMS Neptune 10 June and remained in Neptune until 1800. First Lieutenant in HMS Belleisle at Trafalgar after death of Lieutenant Geale. Made commander 24 December 1805 and post captain 4 December 1813.